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SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler Review

Get your Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler on Amazon here:


  • Versatile features from its beer opener corners to its vacuum drain plug

  • Very durable and sturdy, cooler is well-constructed for any outdoor activities

  • No leaks and great rotomolded design for its price

  • Rubber pads keep the cooler in place on the slide or slope surfaces

  • Exceptional close catches designed to hold tight and keep the lid tightly sealed

  • Long ice and cold retention lasting up to 7 days in cloudy weather and 3-5 days in the sun

  • Designed to last as the cooler has no metal fixtures to rust the cooler away

  • Has better design for latches with its positive locking mechanism, which is much better than other coolers with just stretch rubber


  • You have to take into account the size of your car as the cooler may not fit

Final Rating: 4.1 out of 5

If you’re looking for a reliable cooler for your next outdoor trip, the SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler is the best choice. Although made for commercial use, the SuperHandy Cooler is designed for industrial usage so expect longer ice retention and ingenious design features! I used the product and discovered its pros and cons along the way. Discover more of this exceptional cooler below!

Heavy-Duty Cooler Built to Last

The designers really outdid themselves with the SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler! Everything is robustly built with its 3” thick insulated walls and rotomolded technology. Unlike other coolers, this cooler is built to last as there’s no metal material to rust the cooler away, and you can leave it in the sun with its all-around UV protective shell. Despite its heavy-duty design, the cooler can be surprisingly carried by just one small person. It is also food-grade safe and dry ice compatible!

Long Ice and Cold Retention

As the SuperHandy Cooler is designed for industrial usage, the cooler’s ice retention goes beyond the average retention of commercial coolers! So while ice in other coolers never lasts for more than a couple days, the SuperHandy Cooler can last up to 5 days in the sun and 7 days in cloudy weather so long as pre-chilled! The water remains cold even if the ice be already melted and it stores food well also.

Super Handy Features

The cooler has lots of cold trapping mechanisms which makes this the most reliable cooler I’ve ever used. The latches are designed to keep the cooler tightly sealed and locked. The drain is also perfectly placed, it is located exactly where it should be to drain the melted ice off. There’s even a little spillway dip to make sure only water is drained. The cooler even has a knob you can open to equalize pressure! Most of all, no need to worry about bottle openers, the SuperHandy Cooler already have those as built-in!


Compared to other coolers, the SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler is a great buy for its sale price. The cooler is well-constructed, very sturdy, and very heavy duty but surprisingly lightweight enough for one person to carry. The ice retention is way beyond what you might expect from regular coolers. Plus its awesome features makes the SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler built to last! Totally a great value for your money! A must buy!

Get your Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler on Amazon here:

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