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Max2co Silicone Non-Slip Top Mat

Get your Non-Slip Large Top Mat on Amazon here:


  • Can be cut to fit different shapes and sizes for your varying needs

  • Multi-purpose, the mat can be used as a countertop mat, mess collector, table mat, surface protector, and so on

  • Protects countertops from scratches, spillages, and burns

  • Mat is anti-slip, so it prevents things from sliding off or moving around

  • Heat-resistant for up to +230℃ and is even water-resistant

  • Easy to clean and easy to store as the mat is flexible and can be rolled up for storage

  • Size is great and reasonably large for surface protection


  • Stains easily

  • Might be a little too thin but works great as a top mat

Final Rating: 4.6 out of 5

The Max2co Non-Slip Top Mat is your all-around top mat! Most problems with other top mats are usually the size, but this product features a reasonably large size, which you can even cut up to different mats. Read more about the product below, where I break down more of the product’s good and bad for your easy review!

Ultra-Protection and Superb Non-Slip Feature

As an all-around top mat, the Max2co Non-Slip Top Mat protects your countertops, tables, or whatever you might place the mat from scratches, burns, spillage, and even dust! The mat is also non-slip, which prevents your things from sliding off and moving around.

Excellent Heat and Water-Resistant Feature

Not only is the product non-slip and provides superb protection, but it is also heat-resistant and water-resistant. The mat can withstand up to +230 and is safe to use with oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Multi-Purpose, Easy to Clean, and Convenient Storage

As the Max2co Non-Slip Top Mat is heat-resistant, you can use it not just as a top mat but also as a cookware mat, table mat, surface collector; you name it! It is made of silicone, which is a safe material for kids. It’s also easy to clean as the mat is not too thick and can easily be rolled up for quick storage. You don’t have to worry about wrinkling the mat when folding or rolling the product as the mat is flexible and made of silicone. But perhaps the best part is it can be cut to different shapes and sizes for your varying needs! So, imagine getting 2 or more mats from a single top mat!


The Max2co Non-Slip Top Mat is a great buy for its price. Depending on your preferences, you can cut two or more mats from this single top mat as it is reasonably large for different top mat needs. This makes this product an efficient buy! You can have more mats from just a single top mat! It’s also anti-slip and heat-resistant. It’s the perfect all-around top mat to protect surfaces of a variety of objects from countertops to cookware and tables. Couldn’t ask for more than this superb top mat!

Get your Non-Slip Large Top Mat on Amazon here:

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