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Best Cooktop for Induction Cooking-Lovers Best Induction Cooktop - Duxtop LCD Portable 9620LS

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

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Duxtop 9620LS is the best buy there is for induction cooktops. If you’re looking to convert to induction cooking, you don’t have to replace your entire gas stove! All you need is the Double Burner Duxtop 9620LS, which is far more economical than a total switch-out. Most of all, it’s very convenient and portable!


  • Excellent controls and straightforward interface as you can set automation either by time or temperature.

  • Features different cooking modes for different types of cooking.

  • The rapid heating mode makes cooking fast and easy.

  • Independent heating zones allow you to control each burner separately.

  • Very transparent with the current user settings shown on the LCD screen as you cook.

  • Safe for kids because of its child safety lock system, which protects your kid from injuries.

  • Easy to use as the touch control panel is simple to operate.

  • Easy to clean as the cooktop can be cleaned just by using a damp towel to wipe the cooktop.

  • It can be used to different types of cookware so long as the bottom is magnetized.


  • Cannot use the high setting for both burners as both burners must share the 1800W.

  • Pots used must be induction-compatible, that is—with magnetic bottoms.

Cooktop Ratings

Design 9.0 The cooktop’s classic design makes it great for both home and outdoor cooking.

Features 9.2 Excellent features with its cooking modes for different types of cooking.

Performance 9.1 Heats pans quickly, no cooking hotspots, and no pan discoloration.

Usability 9.4 Easy-to-use controls as the LCD shows the current settings as you cook.


Duxtop 9620LS boasts an attractive design, a classic black glass top, and silver linings. It’s a simple yet timeless design that contemplates today’s modern kitchen.


Duxtop 9620LS presents awesome and handy features. Its boil feature allows you to quickly boil water while its automation feature may be used either to automate time or temperature. It also has different cooking modes, each having 20 preset levels for different types of cooking.


Cooking hours are shortened using Duxtop 9620LS. This only shows how economical Duxtop 9620LS is over the long run! Not only that, but its different modes also allow you to choose which one to use for your cooking. For example, you can use temperature mode to fry and saute or power mode to keep food warm.


Duxtop 9620LS is easy to use. At the touch of a button, you can program the cooktop to the temperature you want for whatever time you want. It is also very transparent as The LCD screen also shows your current modes and setting as you cook.


With its easy-to-use features added with its easy interface, Duxtop 9620LS is our most recommended cooktop! Not only will this double induction cooktop be the most economical kitchenware you’ll buy, but you’ll also love how this cooktop fits in your kitchen. The bottom line, Duxtop 9620LS, has all the qualities an induction cooktop should have.

Get your Cooktop here on Amazon:

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