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How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Oh No! I just burned my hand because of a stupid gas stove – This story is relatable to almost every chef ever. We spend thousands of dollars on kitchen upgrades and utensils, yet why do we settle for ancient technology when it comes to eating our food?

The best cooking stove can change the entire cooking experience. Fast and energy-efficient, this new development changes the game.

After using different types of stoves over the year, the joy I feel with induction cooking is unmatchable—one of the significant technological breakthroughs that have made cooking safe and convenient.

So, here I am, taking you to a whole new world (yes, I am a fan of Aladdin) of cooking through induction cooktops, which cooks food with magnetism!

Are you looking for a portable stove for your next camping? Are you worried about getting burned in the kitchen? Then the induction cooktop is the ultimate solution to your problem.

I am a big fan of portable induction cooktops as they use less energy than traditional electrical stoves and do not heat my cooking area.

Induction cooking is getting popular here in the United States, the primary reason being that it is super safe, super cheap, and the tech has been perfected within the past decade!

The induction comes from the electromagnetic radiations, which activates when putting a metal pot on top of it. You can use this type of stove for quickly boiling water, frying something in high eat, and making omelets. Oh, did I mention it is also perfectly safe to touch?

However, induction cooktops are generally expensive as compared to traditional stoves though the price is coming down.

Let us Magnetify Cooking

Curious about how your induction cooktops work? They have a ceramic top, sometimes called the smooth head, with heating elements located below the glass surface. The magic, however, is how the heating happens. It heats the pot or pans through electromagnetism!

How Does An Induction Cooktop Work?

The induction copper coil present below the surface of the cooktop generates a high-frequency magnetic field when a metal plate is placed over it.

The magnetic field produces an eddy current 1 and transfers energy directly to the pot or pan. It causes instant heat into the content present in the container.

The burner emits alternating magnetic currents that heat the pot and pan, which conducts some of the heat back down to the glass.

Therefore, the stovetop doesn’t get as hot as compared to the radiant cooktop. Also, the cooktop elements do not glow red when turned on as it doesn’t use electric elements to produce heat which is why you have seen videos of people touching the glass surface after taking off a sizzling hot pan (don’t do this on the pan though, the cooking surface may not burn you but the pan will.)

So, even if you accidentally touch the stovetop, it will not burn you. *Please do not put your hand on the induction stove, it will still be very hot*. The best part about induction cooking is that it doesn’t disperse excess heat your kitchen area, leaving it a lot less hot than using a burner, perfect for food trucks, cramped restaurant kitchens, and smaller homes.

“And that’s how an induction cooktop works: it does not generate heat directly; it generates a constantly changing magnetic field. Put your hand on the glass surface; it won’t burn.” 2

What Kind of Cookware Is Best for Induction Cooking?

One drawback of induction cooking is that not all cookware is compatible with this stove. Induction cooking works with only certain types of metal cookware.

The pots and pans made from ferrous metal (think cast iron, enameled cast iron, steel, and of course, iron) work well). The general rule, any material that you can put a magnet will work on an induction stove.

Even non-stick cookware can be used in induction cooking if it has the metal base on the bottom. Whenever you buy a portable induction cooking stove, make sure that you’ve bought appropriate cookware also.

Magnet Test:

Want to know a super easy test to see if your pot or pan is induction friendly? Place the magnet on the bottom of the pan; if it sticks to the bottom, the cookware will work on portable cooking induction stoves and vice versa. Boom! It is that easy!

Are Induction Cooktops Energy-Efficient?

Induction cooking employed 90% of the energy produced compared to thermal conduction, i.e., 74% for electric stoves and 40% for a gas burner.3 It also provides a quick boil, over 50% faster than gas burner or electric stoves.

Induction is way more responsive than electric. It helps to save a lot of time in the kitchen. It cooks food faster and uses less energy.

I bought a portable induction cooktop for my kids who love to cook but aren’t old to handle a gas stove. Since buying it, we never use the gas stove anymore. It’s incredible as it doesn’t heat the space, and all the heat goes directly into the pot/pan; it is easy to clean and can small enough to be used on any bit of free counter space. I was a gas cooking fan but am now an induction convert.

It is perfect for camping. A gas stove or electric burner could be dangerous when you’ve kids around. Being a mother, I prefer induction cookpots over electric or gas stoves. Also, the induction cooktop is less likely to start a fire.

As a cooking expert, I always keep updating my kitchen craft, from cooking tops to baking accessories; I love buying products from reputable brands. As fashion lovers prefer trendy and stylish outfits, we chefs are passionate about new technology equipment in the market. And Induction cooktop is one of the best cooking options one could ever dream of.


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